Saturday, February 28, 2009

RSS Feeds Twilight Zone

Well, I think I've just entered a space time continuum. Is anybody else confused about how all these steps connect? If I've completed the steps correctly, I will have more feeds than I can possibly read in one lifetime...and how do you choose?

The most difficult part of this exercise was trying to figure out how every step worked and how the Google Reader was connected to Bloglines. The easiest part, well there wasn't an easy part. :-) I need the teacher who leans over my shoulder to say, "Well, this would be an easier way to accomplish the task."

I know that this exercise will evolve as my interests change. I'll unsubscribe and subscribe as time goes on and I'll discover what interests me. I do know that this is a world expanding exercise and I will thoroughly enjoy learning not only what RSS feeds can offer me, but "Oh, what does this or that button or link do...and now that I'm here, where exactly am I?" It's time to play and discover.


  1. Think of Google Reader & Bloglines as a Ford & a Chevy: they both do the same thing & it's personal preference as to which you choose.